State of the State Summit &

Dinner with Legislators

Friday, October 6th, 2017

Center for American Values

Pueblo Riverwalk

Guess Who’s Coming to the State of the State?

Former Governor Bill Ritter,

Lt. Governor Donna Lynne,

Senator, Cory Gardner

Congressman Scott Tipton,

Secretary of State Wayne Williams,

and a number of State Legislators.

The Summit is a call to action by the Action 22 Board of Directors to join them in strengthening the voice of Southern Colorado for the 2018 Legislative Session.

The Summit will begin with a panel discussion on the Economic Opportunities in Colorado’s Energy Future moderated by Bill Ritter.  Along with other presentations, there will be discussions on Landfills and expanding Broadband in Rural Colorado.  Senator Cory Gardner will be discussing Healthcare and Congressman Scott Tipton will speak about Rural Banking. Follow link below for full agenda.

The Committees Summit portion of the day will determine Action 22 issue strategies for the upcoming Legislative Session.  The five committees will include: Education, Healthcare, Economic Development, Natural Resources and Rural Affairs.

Full Event Agenda Here

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Recognize Outstanding Efforts in Your Community

Nominations have ended.  Thank you.

Nominate community organizations, local governments, nonprofits, businesses or individuals for their outstanding efforts.  Awards will be presented by Legislators during the Dinner portion of the event on October 6th.

Awards will be in the following categories:

Innovative Solutions – will recognize organizations who have introduced or significantly enhanced projects that help improve efficiencies, expand capabilities, bridge gaps, fulfill unmet needs and/or, ultimately, better serve their community

Emerging Leadership will recognize members who have made significant contributions to their communities and/or to their profession or organization and have demonstrated the potential for leadership and continuing service.

Excellence in Rural Economic Development will honor organizations and/or individuals for their efforts in creating positive economic change in Southern Colorado rural communities.

All nominations must be submitted by email at and include:

  1. Name of Individual or Organization being nominated
  2. Nomination category
  3. Narrative detailing why the individual or organization should be an award recipient – not to exceed 400 words.
  4. Feel free to include video and/or pictures, but it is not required.

Nominations will be narrowed to three finalists per category by the Action 22 Board of Directors.  Action 22 Members will have an opportunity to vote on finalists beginning September 29th – October 4th.  Any questions should be directed to


Action 22 represents a 36,530 sq. mile area (35% of the state) consisting of 850,000 citizens, 19.5% of the state’s population ranging from Park County to the North, the San Luis Valley west, and the Kansas and New Mexico state lines. The organization is run by a Board of Directors that includes up to three delegates from each of the 22 counties and each county has an equal voice, no matter the size of population.  Members residing within county boundaries elect their own delegates to the Board.  The Board elects the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.  The county board delegates from each of the regions nominate Regional Vice Chairs who serve as member liaisons for the Board.

Your action as a member is important.  We encourage you to be involved in every aspect of our process. Your fellow members need to hear from you and want to know what you are working on. In return, Action 22 member reap the benefits of a stronger connection to State Legislators and a conduit of information important to your efforts.  We invite your collaboration; ask you to stay informed, in touch and continually share what is happening in your community. All of these efforts help strengthen our collective voice.  This makes you vital to the Action 22 mission.

Action 22 map of Colorado

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