Action 22 is the only regional advocacy organization in southern Colorado. It is a volunteer-driven membership organization of individuals, cities, communities, counties, associations, businesses and organizations in a 22 county region, banding together to give voice to southern Colorado and in shaping the policies for southern Colorado. Action 22 represents a 36,530 sq. mile area (35% of the state) consisting of 850,000 citizens, 19.5% of the state’s population.

Action 22 is a unique organization because it pulls in individuals, cities, counties, businesses, organizations, corporations and non-profits  from all walks of life to the debate and discussion table. All perspectives are needed to make well-rounded, well-informed decisions and give voice to southern Colorado.

Action 22 map of Colorado

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Southern Colorado Business Partnership

club 20 advocates for Western Colorado along with Action 22
Progressive 15 and action 22