Who We Are, What We Do

Mission: Forge a strong voice for Southern Colorado on a state and federal level.

Our function is to be a conduit of communication and collaboration between our members, legislators and decision-making agencies. Action 22 champions issues of specific relevance to its members and uses its influence to drive solutions.

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Focus Areas

We function with the intent of making a difference within our five main areas of focus continuously monitor a list of currently-unfolding items in these focus areas that affect our membership:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Natural Resources
  3. Rural Government Affairs
  4. Education
  5. Healthcare

Action 22 represents a 36,530 square mile area (35% of the state), and consists of well over a million citizens (19% of the state’s population). Geographically, the Action 22 area ranges from Park County in the north, to the San Luis Valley in the west, and southeast to the Kansas and New Mexico state lines. The organization is run by a Board of Directors that includes up to three delegates from each of the 22 counties. Members are asked to weigh in on issues and lend their input and expertise. The Board of Directors decides on positions based on member input, with the philosophies of Unity, Purpose and Action as guardrails.


Three-Pillar Philosophy


Will our efforts promote UNITY among our members?

Action 22’s guiding philosophy is that of a regional alliance, which allows multiple communities to band behind one another. This means members are called upon, at times, to speak out on behalf of their neighbors, knowing that those neighbors will in turn provide support when needed. Because we are member-driven, Action 22’s strategies and stances are always founded on the views of our members.


Is there purpose to our efforts?

Action 22 focuses our membership’s collective efforts on challenges and opportunities that are distinct to the Southern Colorado region. This means acknowledging what is beyond our purview and honing down to what is most relevant to our membership. It also means that we personally engage our membership on an ongoing basis to learn about the problems within our region and what needs to happen to overcome these problems. By providing our members with a regional forum, we can identify shared concerns and amplify otherwise individual voices into a powerful brand that legislators and agencies respect and respond to.


What ACTION can/will we take?

We seek to always ask questions that will yield results. We want to know how to solve problems that our members face, and deliver those solutions to policymakers who can act on them. Action 22 is about outcomes.

Becoming a Member

Whether you are a long-time Action 22 member, considering getting re-involved, or new to the arena, we know you work hard to make a difference in your community in a meaningful way.  For that, we want to THANK YOU. It is through the efforts of individuals and organizations like yours that ACTION happens.

Your action as a member is important.  We encourage you to be involved in every aspect of our process. Your fellow members need to hear from you, and want to know what you are working on. In return, Action 22 members reap the benefits of a vigorous connection to state and federal legislators, who want to hear from us as strong, cohesive group.

We invite your participation, and ask you to stay informed and in touch. Be sure to continually share what is happening in your community. These efforts help strengthen our collective voice, which makes you vital to the Action 22 mission.



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Individual Member $ 100
25 employees or less $ 200
26-99 employees $ 350
100-199 employees $ 750
200-299 employees $ 1,250
Over 300 employees $ 2,000

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Joint Legislative Trip Agenda

February 1-2, 2018

*Informal Welcome Reception: Wednesday January 31st starts at 5:30pm in the Crown Plaza Lockwood Kitchen & Bar

 Thursday, February 1st – Discussions with Elected & Appointed Officials

LOCATION: Old Supreme Court Chambers, State Capitol (200 E Colfax Denver, CO 80203)

9:00am      Welcome-CLUB 20, Action 22, Pro 15

9:10am      Transportation Initiatives- Kelly Brough, President and CEO Denver Metro Chamber

9:45am      Colorado Governor-Governor John Hickenlooper

10:30am    Break

10:45am    Panel Discussion: 2018 Drug Pricing Transparency Efforts in Colorado

                  Moderated by Kaiser Permanente

11:30am    Walk to Lunch- LOCATION: First Baptist Church (1373 Grant St. Denver, CO 80203)

11:45-12:15             Lunch Break

12:15-1:00pm          Panel discussion: The Education and Economic Development Nexus-Moderated by CHFA

1:00-1:10pm            Walk to State Capitol

LOCATION: Old Supreme Court Chambers, State Capitol (200 E Colfax Denver, CO 80203)

1:15pm    Colorado Speaker of the House-Representative Crisanta Duran

1:35pm    Xcel Energy Update on Colorado Energy Plan- Rachel Nance

1:55pm    Colorado Secretary of State- Wayne Williams

2:15pm    Panel Discussion: Broadband Legislation and Impacts to Rural Colorado-Moderated by                                                            Viaero Wireless

3:00pm    Break (15 Minutes)

3:15pm    Director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife- Director Bob Broscheid

3:35pm    Colorado Attorney General- Cynthia Coffman

3:55pm    Connect for Health Colorado- Kevin Patterson

4:15pm    Colorado Tourism Office-Executive Director Cathy Ritter

4:35pm    Adjourn


5:00-7:00pm Reception Hosted by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce                                              (1445 Market St, Denver, CO 80202)

Friday, February 2nd   – Discussions with Elected & Appointed Officials

LOCATION: Old Supreme Court Chambers, State Capitol (200 E Colfax, Denver, CO 80203)

9:00am      Welcome: Colorado Lieutenant Governor-Donna Lynne

9:30am      Colorado Treasurer-Walker Stapleton

9:50am      Colorado Department of Transportation Executive Director- Michael Lewis

10:10am    Panel Discussion: Urban Water Conservation- Reusing Water in Cities and Avoiding New Diversions -Moderated by Business for Water Stewardship

10:55am    Break 

11:20am    Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture- Commissioner Don Brown

11:40am    Department of Local Affairs Executive Director- General Irv Halter

12:00pm    First Net Update from AT&T- Garret Doyle

12:20pm    Wrap Up and Adjourn

Thank You to All of Our Sponsors


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