Action 22 is a non-partisan, legislative advocacy organization focusing on the most pressing issues facing our 22 Southern Colorado counties.

Our mission is to strengthen the voice of these communities on a State and Federal level as well as with decision making agencies.

Our purpose is to be a conduit of communication and collaboration between our members, legislators and decision making agencies.

Right now we are focusing on five areas we can influence in 2018:
  1. Natural Resources,
  2. Economic Development,
  3. Health Care,
  4. Education, and
  5. Rural Government Affairs.

Action 22 represents a 36,530 sq. mile area (35% of the state) consisting of 850,000 citizens, 19.5% of the state’s population ranging from Park County to the North, the San Luis Valley west, and the Kansas and New Mexico state lines. The organization is run by a Board of Directors that includes up to three delegates from each of the 22 counties and each county has an equal voice, no matter the size of population.  Members residing within county boundaries elect their own delegates to the Board.  The Board elects the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.  The county board delegates from each of the regions nominate Regional Vice Chairs who serve as member liaisons for the Board.

Your action as a member is important.  We encourage you to be involved in every aspect of our process. Your fellow members need to hear from you and want to know what you are working on. In return, Action 22 member reap the benefits of a stronger connection to State Legislators and a conduit of information important to your efforts.  We invite your collaboration; ask you to stay informed, in touch and continually share what is happening in your community. All of these efforts help strengthen our collective voice.  This makes you vital to the Action 22 mission.

Action 22 map of Colorado



The organization is run by a Board of Directors that includes up to three delegates from each of the 22 counties and each county area has an equal voice. Members residing within county boundaries elect its own delegates to the Board. The Board elects the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. The county area board delegates from each of the regions elect Regional Vice Chairs.

The key to the success of Action 22 is the involvement of its members. Networking and pooling members’ talents and skills builds a strong organization. It is through the committee structure that research, study and debate of issues occur. Committees then make policy and position recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Meetings and Events

  • Members, guests and visitors welcome to any meeting and/or event.
  • The Committee Summit is a function at which all Action 22 committees meet (saves travel time and more members can attend!) As needed, task forces are scheduled as well. Committee Summits are held in Pueblo as it is in the middle of the territory. Mini Committee Summits are often tied in with regional events to obtain input from members.
  • County Membership (Caucus) meetings are held on call by the Board delegates of each county.
  • An Annual Conference and Washington Round Up is scheduled in October and serves as host to federal and state level candidates during election year and speakers on a variety of issues affecting southern Colorado. It also brings together Colorado US Senators and Congressmen/women to Southern Colorado. This event is held on a rotating basis between Pueblo and Colorado Springs.
  • In addition, an Annual Legislative Day at the Capitol is scheduled in February and gives members the opportunity to visit with the Governor, Cabinet members, Department directors and legislators.
  • A social event designed to build networks among members and visitors form the 22 counties in southern Colorado is scheduled in the Summer.
  • The Southern Colorado State of the State Luncheon, held in April or May, has as its keynote speaker the Governor of Colorado giving citizens an update on the State of the State. Usually a Committee Summit is scheduled during the same day.
  • In addition, workshops and summits are held from time to time geared toward specific topics.


It is appropriate and necessary that Action 22 take an active role in influencing the outcome of emerging issues that affect Southern Colorado. In order to balance its grassroots control with the ability to make timely decisions, Action 22 defines specific roles for the Board, the Executive Committee, the Policy Committees and the staff in responding to issues in a manner that is consistent Action 22 policy.


The group was established at the Charter Convention held in Pueblo, Colorado, on January 13, 1999. A membership drive was held between February and April 1999, and county caucus meetings were held during the month of May. The first Board of Directors meeting was held June 16, 1999 followed by committee meetings in August. The organization’s first Fall Membership Conference was held September 24 and 25 at which the beginning of a legislative agenda was adopted. The Action 22 full-time office was opened and a President/COO was hired in July 2000. Membership now totals over 230 entities and over 500 representatives of individual, organization, business, city and county membership categories.

Major Goals

  • Continue efforts at the statewide table to resolve water issues
  • Pursue efforts to improve transportation infrastructure including major highways and air service
  • Build resources and relationships to enhance economic development to Southern Colorado.
  • Work to address cost, access and availability of medical services.
  • Pursue an aggressive program to enhance institutions of higher education and their partnership with economic development agencies.
  • Become Colorado’s most effective advocacy organization by engaging legislators, other local elected officials, state agencies, membership, etc., to affect public policy for the future of Southern Colorado.




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