Action 22 Foundation


The mission of the Action 22 Foundation, Inc., is to serve as a supporting partner to Action 22, Inc. with the primary role of providing informational and educational programs, projects, workshops and forums for the citizens of the 22 counties.
The major objective is to build community capacity for the advancement of commercial, economic, health and agricultural interests in the 22-county area of Action 22.


  • Establish a Southern Colorado Leadership program.
  • Develop workshops and education programs
  • Hold two-way communication Town Hall Meetings to disseminate information and obtain input.
  • Hold candidate forums, debates and discussion to educate the citizens of the Action 22 area.
  • Raise necessary funds to meet the mission of the Foundation.


Programs or projects must support Action 22 and its committee missions.
The development of programs/projects for the overall well-being of the 22 counties should be made by Action 22 committees and/or task forces. The development plans should include costs/benefits and potential results.
Program/project development plans must first be approved by the Action 22 Board Directors to be considered by the Action 22 Foundation Board.
Any project or program for which a grant application is made must affect at least 12 counties. Programs/projects for less than 12 counties must have 2/3 vote of the Action 22 Board of Directors.
Grants applied for should be self-sustaining grants unless the potential for matching funds is proven to the Foundation Board of Directors.


Chair – Vacancy
Chair-elect – Vacancy
Treasurer – Vacancy
Secretary – Vacancy

Executive Director – Jennifer Herrera

Upper Arkansas Valley – Vacancy
South Front Range – Vacancy
San Luis Valley – Vacancy
North Front Range – Vacancy
Lower Arkansas Valley – Vacancy

At Large –
At Large –
At Large – Dr. Gayle Berardi, CSU-Pueblo Center for Leadership and Community Development
Foundation Brochure

Federal ID #:  20-0831162