Members in each county area elect three (3) delegates to the Board to represent their area.  The Regional Vice Chairs are elected by the Delegates in the Region.  The Officers are nominated and elected by the Board of Directors.  The Chairman of the Board appoints up to 4 members, with the approval of the Board, to serve on the Executive Committee.

Each of the 22 member counties has an equal vote on the board and is entitled to up to three directors for a two-year term each. Therefore, Action 22’s Board has up to 66 members.

The bylaws do not limit the terms a board member may serve.  Members at each county caucus meeting should try to preserve the continuity of leadership as a balance against recruiting new people with fresh ideas.

Board members should:

  • Represent the majority opinion of your communities/county areas.  Board members should be an active participant in the community.
  • Communicate with the region’s directors to find common issues and concerns in the region.
  • Plan for the future.  The Board is responsible for developing a long range plan and monitoring and evaluating that plan.  This includes fiduciary    responsibility for making sure the organization has sufficient funds to operate.
  • Serve as a goodwill ambassador for the organization, respecting and supporting the decisions of the majority of the Board.
  • Attend at least one in-person Board meeting per year and regional, committee and/or special meetings as necessary.

Sara Blackhurst
President & CEO


Mike Patterson
Chairman, 2018-2019
Mike Patterson, City Manager, Florence, Fremont



San Luis Valley
Pam Bricker, San Luis Valley, Rio Grande County

Upper Arkansas Valley
Terry Scanga, Upper Arkansas Conservancy District, Chaffee County

North Front Range
Robert Stovall, Gain-Stovall, El Paso County

South Front Range
Matt Heimerich, Heimerich Farms, Crowley County

Lower Arkansas Valley
Peter Dawson, County Commissioner, Baca County