If you make your home or do business in any of the our twenty-two counties, you are already a part of Action22.  However, if you are a member of Action22 you are an influencer shaping public policy and driving priorities. In short, your efforts in your community are instantly more effective and your leadership is expanded. Action22 members are all action-oriented leaders for their communities. They include individuals, business organizations, counties, municipalities, elected officials, and nonprofit organizations.

You will quickly find membership has its benefits.  Action22 is the "political muscle" for Southern Colorado. We serve as a venue for collaboration and communication for our members. The benefit members have said they enjoy the most is how they are able to expand their influence and effectiveness.  We enjoy strong working relationships with Legislators (state and federal), the Governor, regulatory agencies, and other elected officials.  Phil Weiser and Dave Young are both current members, for example.  These relationships enable us to do as our name suggests: take ACTION. As we are fiercely non-partisan, our members find our ability to help them make relevant, meaningful engagements based on what they are working toward incredibly beneficial.


Our dues structure is clear cut and designed to include anyone who is serious about impactful action for our communities.  Organizational and business memberships are based off the amount of employees.


If you would prefer to have an invoice emailed/mailed to you, or if you have any questions, please contact Brian McCain here.



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